Power-Lock Fastener 30 SF

Part. N° 21.0016

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- Right angle fastening for 30 series profiles
- Adjustable. Loosen the 4mm set screw to reposition
- No drilled access hole required
- Set screw deflects head of M8x25 screw, giving a lock washer effect & helping prevent vibration loosening
- Angled set screw much easier to access than fasteners with screws deep in the t-slot
- Teeth in body grip the profile for greater strength against shear loads
-Qty 1 Power-Lock30 body, zinc plated steel
-Qty 1 M8x25 Self Tapping Screw
- Qty 1 M8x12 Set Screw
- Older version of Power, Lock 30 is available upon request, Part # 21.0014
- Weight - .029 kg    
- Drive M8x25 screw directly into center bore of profile using 26.1820 Magnetic Bit Holder and an impact wrench
-  Don't tighten completely, leave about 1/4 turn of play
- Tighten angled set screw with 4mm hex key
- Recommended locking torque 12Nm