Insert Seal 4-30

Part. N° 22.1105

CAD DOWNLOAD ►  3D STEP | Solidworks 2008 | Inventor 2009

- Fixing of 4mm to 5mm thick panels in t-slots of 30 series profiles
- Install on both sides to fix panel elements 1-2mm thick
- EDPM-AGV, black
- Less than a full roll available.  Order total length of material needed in inches
- Not available cut to precise sizes.  Cut at installation with scissors
- Weight - .041 kg/m
- Length max. - 200 m
- Cut panel elements larger than opening to allow panel go 9mm (11/32") into t-slots on all sides
- Slide panels into t-slots
- After assembly is complete, cut insert seal & press in between t-slot edge & panel.
- Cut insert seal slightly longer than needed & compress into t-slot, to prevent gaps appearing over time & seal dries & shrinks.