Insert Seal 6

Part. N° 22.1086/1

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- Gasketing of panels 5mm-6mm (.197" - .236")thick in t-slots
- Note:  Many 1/4" panels are actually around .220" thick.  An example of this is 1/4" polycarbonate.  For true 1/4" thick panels Insert Seal 6.5 is recommended.
- Makes an air/water resistant seal
- Thin glass 2mm thick can be fixed by using insert seal 6 on both sides
- EDPM rubber, black
- Order whatever roll length you need.  (Not sold cut precisely to size)
- Length of roll - 100m
- Weight - .020 kg/m    
- Assemble frame with panels loose in t-slots
- Press into slot with three prong side towards panel
- Cut oversize and compress during insertion. Gasket will shrink slightly over time
- Miter cut corners for more attractive joints.
- Cut panel 25mm (1") larger than opening. See panel fastening technical data for more information