Telescoping Twin Leg System

Part. N° 27.9001

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- Ergonomic height adjustable tables & workstations
- Height adjustable conveyors
- Two adjustable legs with mounting plates & hardware for mounting to 45 series profiles
- Manual hand crank pump with flexible tubing sections of 3ft & 6ft
-System can be ordered with other lengths of hydraulic tubing. Click here for more info
- Qty 4, M6 nuts for attaching supportive cross bar.
- Food grade hydraulic oil.
Click here for MSDS
- Hydraulic system is sealed. Pump & legs can be mounted in any orientation.
- Lets should always be kept under compression. System is designed to push & cannot be used to pull.
-Max load - 226kg (500 lbs)
- Max load per leg - 136kg (300 lbs)
- Weight - 12kg (26 lbs)    
- Hydraulic tubing & system ships fully assembled & ready for use
- Mount with supplied hardware to MiniTec's 45 series profiles
- Mount hydraulic tubing to profiles using Cable Clip, Part # 22.1204 (sold separately)
-Hydraulic tubing can be bent to a 50mm(2 inch) radius
Two M6 nuts are installed in one t-slot of each leg for mounting a stabilizing cross bar