Double Panel Clamping Profile

Part. N° 20.1018

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- Mounting of panels to t-slots
- For panels 1-10 mm thick
- Clamp profile traps panel and holds it in place but doesn't clamp with sufficient force to use to hang a panel by one side
- Not appropriate for cloth, paper or other thin flimsy materials without additional reinforcement
- Aluminum, anodized
- M5x12 set screws 21.9855 sold separately
- Ø5.5mm holes can be added upon request.  Please send print or good verbal description
- For cut charge use Part # 25.1093
- Length - 6m
- Weight - ..375kg/m    
- No tapping required. Drill a Ø5.5mm hole thru top wall only.  M5 thread is part of the extrusion
- Press profile into t-slot and clamp with set screw M5x12 (Sold Separately)
- See panel fastening technical data for calculating correct panel size