Machine Enclosures, Lab Enclosures, Mini-Environments


Heavy Duty Machine Frame & Enclosure



Sealed Chemically Resistant Glass Enclosure


Double hinged fold open door


Skydrol resistant enclosure with counterweighted vertical sliding door



Sliding Tunnel Enclosure Gives Full Access To Machine From Three Sides

Frameless Door Is Economical & Opens Out Of The Way

L Shaped Bent Polycarbonate Door
Get enclosure access to front & top with an L Shaped Door


Lab Enclosure With L Shaped Bent Polycarbonate Door
MiniTec Can Bend Polycarbonate Up to 1/4" thick 90 degrees


Parlec enclosure
PARLEC enclosure


Large Trunk Enclosure


Enclosure over Octagon Shaped Table Top Allows For Greater Machine Access

Angled Front More Ergonomic For Viewing Or Working In Enclosure


Enclosure With Bent Polycarbonate_Front_Panel
Front Door Panel Is Made From A Single Piece Of Polycarbonate With Two 45° Bends


Machine Enclosure With Vertical Sliding Door

Guard With Triple Sliding Doors & Exhaust Port

Workstation With Integrated Guarding
Counterweighted Door Slides Down


Hexagonal Enclosure


Cart with integrated enclosure


Roof mounted monitor lifts up & out of the way when not in use

Sliding Tunnel Enclosure


Barrier Enclosure With Large Sliding Doors
Without Top Or Bottom Rails


Guard With Light Curtain For Easy Access


Portable Sound Proof Enclosure
Portable Sound Proof Enclosure


Machine Enclosure With Polycarbonate Bolt On Panel
Machine Enclosure with 1/2" thick Polycarbonate



Enclosure Hazardous Portions Of Conveying Lines