Modular Aluminum Machine Guards & Enclosures



Barrier Guard With Yellow Mesh Warning Panels



Barrier Guard With Easy On They Eye Gray Mesh


Protective Guard Robotic Assembly Line


Guard With Small Door With No Top Or Bottom Rail
Guard With Small Door Without Rails For Unobstructed Access


Barrier Guard With Large Sliding Doors
Without Top Or Bottom Rails

Guard With Light Curtain For Easy Access

Counter Weighted Guard

Protective Shield For Open Bed Mill


Large Guard Designed In Sections To
Be Built Around Machine

Sliding Tunnel Enclosure


Table with tilting top
Hex Enclosure For Robot

Protective Guard With Counterweighted Front Door


Barrier Guard With 45° Corner


Guard Around Bed Of Manual Mill

Guard With Triple Sliding Doors & Exhaust Port

Workstation With Integrated Guarding
Counterweighted Door Slides Down


Machine Enclosure With Vertical Sliding Door


Machine Guard With L Shaped Door
Get greater access to your machine with an L shaped door on your next guard