Modular Aluminum Machine Guards & Enclosures



Height Adjustable Workstation With Drawers



Panel Building Workstation With tilt top


Easily Mount Parts Bins To Workstation Back


Guard With Small Door With No Top Or Bottom Rail
Assembly Workstation With Slide Out Shelves


Inspection table with back lit counter top
using 7328 translucent white acrylic 5mm thick

Enclosed Workstation
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Kanban Assembly Workstation

Mini-Environment Workstation


Workstation With Machined UHMW Top

Compact & Height Adjustable With The Push Of A Buttom



Table with tilting top
Aluminum Profiles Can Be Used As A Manifold To Bring Compressed Air To The Workstation


Overhead Hoist On XY Gantry Makes Getting Heavy Parts Off Cart A Breeze.
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Computer Workstation With Retractable Shelf


Slide Out Laptop Platform & Slide Out Keyboard Tray

Save Space, Add A Fold Up Side Shelf To The Side Of Your Station

Workstation With Integrated Guarding
Counterweighted Door Slides Down


Built In Aluminum Electronics Panel


Machine Guard With L Shaped Door
Back Panel Set Forward So Electronics Can Be Enclosed


Panel Building Height Adjustable, Mobile Station With Rotating Work Surface


MiniTec's 5'x10' Machining Centers Allow For A Highly Customized Worksurface



Kanban Workstation With Conveyor Infeed
Kanban Workstation With Roller Conveyor Infeed