Set Screws


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for a larger image showing how a set screw can be used to make an threaded stud in any t-slot






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21.9841 M4x5 Set Screw Flat Point

21.1314 M4x8 Set Screw Cone Point

21.1314/1 M4x16 Set Screw Cone Point



21.1336 M5x10 Set Screw Dog Point

21.9855 M5x12 Set Screw Cup Point


21.1302 M5x16 Set Screw Flat Point


21.1300 M5x20 Set Screw Flat Point


21.1380 M6x12 Set Screw Flat Point


21.1324 M6x16 Set Screw Cone Point

21.1335 M6x25 Set Screw Cone Point

21.1364 M6x30 Set Screw Cup Point


21.1342 M8x8 Set Screw Cone Point


21.1129/1 M8x10 Set Screw Pointed


21.1306 M8x10 Set Screw Flat


21.1598 M8x12 Set Screw Flat Point



21.1303 M8x14 Set Screw Pointed


21.1303/1 M8x14 Set Screw Pointed


21.1301 M8x16 Set Screw Flat


21.1304/1 M8x35 Set Screw Cone Point



Click here
to see how set screws are used to fasten our t-slot bars


Click here to see how set screws can be used to fix our UHMW slide bars into the t-slots